Rajasthan High Court: Removing a little girl’s pants and being nude “does not attempt to rape”

According to a recent ruling by the Rajasthan high court, stripping a young girl naked in front of her may not qualify as a "attempt to commit rape"; rather, it

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YouTuber ‘Kuwari Begum’ arrested for child sexual abuse ‘guide’ by Ghaziabad Police gets bail; was endorsing sexually aggressive behavior towards women and children and suggesting that men should disregard women’s permission

Gamer Shikha Metray who was promoting child sex abuse on her YouTube channel “Kuwari Begum” was arrested by Ghaziabad Police on 13th June. She was however, later granted bail. She

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Kuwari Begum, a YouTuber, taught her subscribers ‘how to sexually abuse kids’, is booked for child sex abuse videos, said, “I am not so sorry. If I had a d*ck, then, I would have tried it. Imagine kids without teeth. Wow, it would be one hell of an experience.”

Shikha Metray, a YouTuber and gamer from Ghaziabad who goes by the name “Kuwari Begum” has been booked for spreading explicit content on her channel and encouraging child abuse. A

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Men Attack Ambulance for Overtaking in Bengaluru, Assault Driver in Front of Police; Ambulance Was Transporting a 5-Year-Old in Emergency; Despite the Child’s Parents Begging Them to Stop, the Assailants Refused to Listen

A private ambulance ferrying a five-month-old baby, who was very critically ill and on oxygen support, to the Vani Vilas Hospital in Bengaluru was attacked by a mob late on

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‘Influencer’ abducted 18-year old, brutally thrashed him, applied cow shit on his face, made him clean toilets, then they urinated on his face when he became unconscious, also made the boy call him “papa” and made him do squats in front of his mother

Rajat Dalal, an alleged bodybuilder, Instagram fitness model and power-lifter by profession, a regular online taunter by activity, and a notorious jailbird with a fake ego, got himself into trouble

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Kanye West Slams Ex-Assistant, Instagram and OnlyFans Model, with ‘Blackmail and Extortion’ Accusations Amid Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A legal representative for Kanye West has issued a response following a lawsuit filed against him by his former personal assistant, Lauren Pisciotta. The lawsuit alleges that West created a

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Sam Heughan Teases Taylor Swift Will Ditch Travis Kelce for Him at Scotland Eras Tour: ‘She Won’t Be Able to Resist!’

Sam Heughan, famously known for his role as Jamie Fraser in "Outlander," has a bold plan to capture Taylor Swift's attention during her concert in Edinburgh. In a behind-the-scenes video

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“I Could Eat That Girl for Lunch, My Face in a Vagina, All I See Is Meat”: Explicit Lesbian Themes Fueling Pop Hits

“So runs the chorus to one of this year’s hottest tracks, Billie Eilish’s 'Lunch.' Her latest hit joins a wave of songs celebrating lesbian love, with lyrics that tantalize and

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Drake’s Rumored Lyrics from Upcoming ‘UUUGLY’ on Camila’s C,Xoxo: “Don’t Make Me Pull Out These Credit Card Statements and Show You Proof, It’ll Get UUUGLY” – Where Drake Will Be ‘Talking His Shit

Drake's 'UUUGLY' Sparks a Frenzy: Petty King or Musical Genius? Drake has once again found himself at the center of the storm. The latest buzz revolves around a leaked snippet

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Man Allegedly Drills, Mutilates, and Locks Wife’s Genitals with Screws Over Suspected Affair, Disposes of Key

Authorities in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra, have apprehended a 30-year-old Nepali national, identified as Upendra Hudake, on charges of assaulting his 28-year-old wife. The incident, reportedly stemming from suspicions regarding the wife's

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