Tricked by False Promises of $3,000 Paychecks and Russian Citizenship, Nepali Mercenaries in Ukraine Now Find Themselves Ensnared, Wounded, Or Dead, Longing Desperately to Escape the Horrors of War and Return Home

Discover the harrowing journey of Nepali mercenaries as they navigate deception, danger, and despair in their quest for freedom from the Russian army in Ukraine. #Nepal #Ukraine #RussianArmy #Mercenaries #Conflict #Desertion

Yugmarg News Desk By Yugmarg News Desk

Ukrainian Hackers Assert Dominance As They Seize Control of Russian Drone Systems, Launching a Relentless Cyber Assault on Moscow’s Drone Control Programs, Spearheaded by the HUR; Details Inside

Ukrainian hackers infiltrate Russian drone control systems, disrupting military operations. Recent cyberattacks underscore escalating tensions between the two nations.

Yugmarg News Desk By Yugmarg News Desk

Russia, in a Desperate Bid to Bolster its Forces in the Ukraine War, is Actively Recruiting Syrian Mercenaries for What They Call ‘Meat Assaults’, as Reported by HUR; Read Report

Russia recruits Syrian mercenaries for Ukraine war, signaling a shift in military strategy. Learn more about the recruitment drive and its implications.

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