Woman from South Korea Held Captive, Starved, and Found Dead in US

Woman from South Korea Held Captive in Religious Group’s Grasp.

Gwinnett County Police at the Scene Where Woman's Body Was Found in Car Trunk Outside Korean Spa on Sept. 12, 2023.
Gwinnett County Police at the Scene Where Woman’s Body Was Found in Car Trunk Outside Korean Spa on Sept. 12, 2023. Photo: truecrimedaily

Duluth, Georgia – September 18, 2023: In a harrowing incident, six individuals were apprehended last week for their alleged involvement in the tragic demise of a woman who had recently immigrated to the United States from South Korea. She had believed she was joining a religious group but instead found herself in captivity, enduring starvation.

In a grim discovery on September 12th, 2023, at approximately 10:50 p.m., officers from the Gwinnett County Police Department responded to a distressing call. A concerned citizen had dialed 911 to report the grim finding of a lifeless body in the trunk of a vehicle parked at 3555 Gwinnett Place Drive.

Gwinnett County Police detectives have alleged that Eric Hyun, aged 26, was the individual behind the wheel of a silver sedan parked at the Gwinnett Place Drive location. This location, according to WAGA-TV, is a 24-hour Korean spa.

In a bizarre turn of events, Hyun contacted a family member to pick him up, ostensibly due to “unrelated injuries,” and requested that this relative retrieve a personal item from within the vehicle. Shockingly, when the person complied and opened the trunk, they were met with the horrifying sight of the deceased woman.

Subsequent investigations led to the execution of a search warrant at a residence situated on Stable Gate in Lawrenceville, where crucial evidence was recovered. Investigators strongly suspect that the heinous crime took place in the basement of this residence, a space that, according to Gwinnett Police, bore visible traces of blood.

The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, had come to the United States with the belief that she was joining a religious group known as the Soldiers of Christ. However, as per the statement issued by Gwinnett County Police, she had been “subjected to beatings and malnourishment for weeks.”

Tragically, the Medical Examiner’s Office determined that the victim had presumably succumbed to malnourishment. Reportedly, her weight had plummeted to a mere 70 pounds when her lifeless body was discovered in the trunk.

During a press conference, Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Juan Madiedo revealed that the victim was a female in her 20s to mid-30s, and her demise likely occurred at the end of August. Madiedo further noted that she “might have been in the vehicle for a few days.”

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All six individuals involved in this gruesome incident, namely Eric Hyun, Gawom Lee, Joonho Lee, Joonhyum Lee, Hyunji Lee, and Junyeoug Lee, are now facing charges of felony murder, false imprisonment, tampering with evidence, and concealing the death of another.

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