Ukrainian Resistance Claims Wagner PMC Involvement with Hamas

Explosive Claims Surface of Wagner PMC Training Hamas Fighters for Attacks on Israel

Allegations of Wagner PMC training Hamas militants raise serious concerns.
Allegations of Wagner PMC training Hamas militants raise serious concerns. Photo: Ukrinform

Kyiv, Ukraine – October 9, 2023: Ukrainian partisans have alleged that elements of the Russian private military company (PMC) Wagner were involved in the training of Hamas militants, particularly in assault tactics and the use of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for deploying explosive devices. This claim has raised serious concerns about potential collaboration between the Wagner PMC and Hamas, especially in the wake of recent attacks on Israel.

The Ukrainian Center of National Resistance (CNR) has played a central role in bringing these allegations to light. They expressed gratitude to the Belarusian underground for providing information about this alleged partnership between the Wagner PMC and Hamas.

According to the CNR, the training provided to Hamas fighters focused on assault tactics and the use of UAVs to drop explosive devices onto vehicles and other targets. This tactic was notably observed during the recent Hamas assault on Israel.

The CNR emphasized that, among Hamas’s allies, only Russia possesses the experience and technology necessary to deploy explosive devices from drones onto enemy targets. Ukrainian partisans further claim that during training exercises in African countries, Wagner PMC members supplied UAVs to Hamas militants.

It’s worth noting that in late September, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin highlighted the continued presence of Wagner PMC fighters in Africa, suggesting that they still have a substantial presence on the continent. Austin also pointed out that there hadn’t been any significant changes in the group’s relations with the Kremlin, nor were there any signs of Moscow taking control of the group’s operations across Africa. He raised the possibility of internal competition for leadership within PMC ranks and mentioned that maintaining a presence in Africa without Russian support could pose challenges for the mercenaries in the medium to long term.

In a related development, The Times of Israel reported, citing unconfirmed local media sources, that the number of Israeli casualties in the Hamas attack and subsequent fighting had risen to 800, making it Israel’s largest loss of life since the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. Additionally, Israel’s Ministry of Health disclosed that, as of this afternoon, 2,506 individuals had been hospitalized with injuries, including 23 in life-threatening condition and 353 with severe injuries.

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These allegations of collaboration between the Wagner PMC and Hamas have ignited concerns about the evolving dynamics in the region and the potential implications for international security.

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