Ukraine Soars to Second Place in Global Charitability Ranking


Ukraine, November 13, 2023: In the most recent World Giving Index by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), Ukraine has achieved an impressive second place, showcasing a remarkable ascent of 13 points since 2022. This significant jump positions Ukraine as the highest climber this year, compared to its 10th place ranking last year and 81st place five years ago.

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According to Opendatabot’s analysis, the three largest Ukrainian charitable foundations, namely United24, “Come Back Alive,” and the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation, received Hr.8.35 billion ($230 million) in the first half of 2023. This reflects a 22% decrease compared to the second half of 2022. However, over the span of nine months, these foundations collectively raised Hr.12.5 billion ($35 million), with United24 maintaining its lead among them.

CAF determines its index through a survey conducted by the Gallup international polling organization, involving over 147,000 respondents globally. The survey explores three key aspects: donation of money to charity, helping strangers in need, and volunteering time to an organization. Ukraine scores impressively, with 78% of adults helping strangers, 70% making donations, and 37% volunteering.

In the global context, Indonesia continues to hold the top spot for the sixth consecutive year, with a generosity rating of 68. On the other end, Poland ranks 142nd, marking the lowest position. Russia secures the 102nd place, while the United States and Canada stand at fifth and eighth places, with ratings of 58 and 54, respectively.

The World Giving Index’s mean value is 39, reflecting a global engagement with giving. Ukraine’s generosity rating stands at an impressive 62, indicating a strong commitment to charitable activities. Meanwhile, the study highlights that 72% of the world’s adult population, approximately 4.2 billion people, actively support those in need.

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