Ukraine Launches Criminal Probe into Fatal Russian Missile Strike

Tragedy Strikes as Russian Missile Attack Claims Lives of Ukrainian Soldiers (File Photo)

Ukraine initiated a criminal investigation following a Russian missile strike that claimed the lives of multiple soldiers during what was described as an “award ceremony” near the frontline. The attack occurred in Ukraine’s southern Zaporizhzhia region on Friday, resulting in the deaths of at least 20 soldiers. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his grief, stating, “This is a tragedy that could have been avoided.” He confirmed the launch of a criminal investigation into the incident.

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Details surrounding the strike and the exact casualty count remain unverified by VOA. The Ukrainian army acknowledged that several soldiers from its 128th Mountain Assault Brigade were victims of a missile strike, but they did not provide specific casualty figures. According to reports, Russia fired an Iskander-M missile at the brigade’s personnel, resulting in casualties among the soldiers and local residents.

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A Ukrainian soldier, Ivan Savytskyy, lamented the loss on social media, criticizing the decision to hold the award ceremony in a combat zone. He emphasized that the soldiers should be remembered as “victims” rather than just “heroes,” highlighting the military’s adherence to traditionalism as a contributing factor to the tragedy.

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Russia, in a briefing from its defense ministry, claimed to have inflicted a “fire defeat” on a Ukrainian assault unit in Zaporizhzhia, resulting in the deaths of up to 30 people.

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Ukraine’s western Zakarpattia region, home to the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, announced a three-day mourning period starting Monday. The local governor, Victor Mykyta, emphasized the importance of preserving the memory of the fallen soldiers and their heroic deeds.

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