Shropshire Couple’s Wedding Dreams Come True Thanks to Generous Suppliers

In a heartwarming story from Shropshire, a bride-to-be battling cancer, Katelen Cheshire, has had her dreams come true as her wedding venue and suppliers rally to provide everything for her upcoming November wedding.

Katelen Cheshire and Billy Green - A Love Story Defying All Odds
Katelen Cheshire and Billy Green. Photo: BBC

Shropshire, 10th October 2023 – Katelen Cheshire, a 23-year-old bride-to-be battling cancer, is experiencing an outpouring of love and support as her wedding venue and suppliers have generously offered to provide everything for her upcoming wedding, scheduled for November. Katelen and her fiancé, Billy Green, 29, from Telford, are set to tie the knot in a heartwarming Christmas-themed celebration at Stanford Farm, Shrewsbury.

Katelen Cheshire has faced the harrowing journey of battling stage four Hodgkin’s lymphoma, with remission and recurrence. This year, she received the devastating news that her cancer had returned. Despite the challenges, Katelen is eagerly counting down the days until she marries the love of her life.

The couple’s incredible stroke of luck came when they virtually toured Stanford Farm with Cindy Edwards, who manages the venue. Instantly falling in love with the location, Katelen couldn’t contain her excitement. However, the real magic happened after the video conference.

Cindy Edwards, moved by Katelen’s story and determination, made a heartfelt offer to host the wedding entirely free of charge. The emotional moment left Katelen and Cindy in tears, overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity.

Not stopping there, Cindy reached out to various suppliers, and the response was nothing short of miraculous. A team of suppliers pledged their services for free, including flowers, decorations, photography, and music. The bridal dress, a crucial element of any wedding, was gifted to Katelen by Distinctive Bridal wedding shop.

Katelen Cheshire expressed her gratitude, saying, “It’s incredible what teamwork can do, and this really will be a Christmas wedding to remember.” This extraordinary act of kindness has lifted a significant financial burden from the couple’s shoulders, particularly given the additional strain of Katelen’s chemotherapy treatments.

For Katelen, this act of generosity couldn’t have come at a better time. She shared, “When Cindy did this for us, so much was lifted off our shoulders, she even offered to plan the whole wedding. She truly is an incredible person. I couldn’t be any more thankful for what everyone is doing for me.”

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The wedding is set to take place on the 16th of November, and Katelen has a cell transplant scheduled for December, making this heartwarming celebration even more poignant. The couple’s journey is a testament to the power of kindness and the beauty of love, shining even in the face of adversity.

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