Russian Soldiers Accused of Shocking Betrayal in Ukraine, Sabotaging Their Own for Cash and Escape Routes

Russian Troops Blowing Up Their Own in Ukraine

A Russian soldier patrols a street in Volnovakha, Donetsk region. (Photo by Alexander NEMENOV / AFP)
A Russian soldier patrols a street in Volnovakha, Donetsk region. (Photo by Alexander NEMENOV / AFP)

Kherson, September 18, 2023 – Startling revelations have emerged from the conflict in Ukraine, as Ukrainian partisans claim that Russian soldiers, recruited into their ranks, are engaging in acts of sabotage that result in the deaths of their fellow troops. These alleged acts of betrayal are said to be driven by financial incentives and the promise of a new life abroad.

In a recent incident, a Russian soldier is believed to have planted approximately 10 kilograms of explosives between two military trucks at a base in Henichesk, a city under Russian occupation in the Kherson region, near the Crimean Peninsula. The explosive device was reportedly detonated as Russian troops were boarding the vehicles, resulting in the destruction of both trucks and significant casualties.

The ATESH partisan movement, comprised of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, claims responsibility for orchestrating this operation. According to ATESH, Russian soldiers are increasingly cooperating with Ukrainian partisans, driven not by ideological reasons, but by material benefits and the opportunity to escape to Ukraine or the European Union.

An ATESH spokesperson revealed that the operation was meticulously planned over the course of a month and strategically timed for 8 a.m. on a Friday when Russian military personnel were allegedly fatigued and less attentive. The Russian soldier responsible for the sabotage had gathered intelligence on the trucks’ locations and troop movements, collaborating with two partisans to conceal the explosive device.

The spokesperson added, “The human factor also worked – this place has long been used by the invaders, so they did not expect danger so far from the front.”

While the exact number of casualties remains unconfirmed, ATESH claimed that most of the soldiers in the two destroyed trucks perished on the spot, with four others in serious condition and undergoing treatment in a hospital.

Remarkably, the Russian agent responsible for the attack reportedly managed to escape Henichesk, and plans are underway for their transfer to territory controlled by Ukraine.

ATESH further alleged that Russia’s forced mobilization of local residents in occupied territories is backfiring on Russian forces, as it includes not only Russians but also Ukrainians. They explained, “The peculiarity of our movement is that we recruited a lot of people during the general mobilization in September last year, so we have many of our people in the Russian army.”

While the claims made by ATESH have not been independently verified, the partisan movement previously asserted another significant success, suggesting that a Russian serviceman provided critical information that aided in planning a missile attack on Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet.

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In this attack, a series of explosions severely damaged the Rostov-on-Don submarine and a large landing ship, the Minsk, at the Sevastopol Shipyard in Russian-occupied Crimea on September 13.

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