Russian Soldier in Distress Exposes Startling Maltreatment by Inebriated Commanders on Ukraine’s Frontlines Due to Alcohol Consumption!

Russian Soldier Reveals Shocking Abuse by Drunken Superiors on Ukraine Frontlines.

Russian demining team members at work in Mariupol amidst the ongoing Russian Invasion of Ukraine. (Photo credit: Olga MALTSEVA / AFP)
Russian demining team members at work in Mariupol amidst the ongoing Russian Invasion of Ukraine. (Photo credit: Olga MALTSEVA / AFP)

Ukraine, September 21, 2023 – In a shocking revelation, a Russian soldier stationed on the frontlines in Ukraine has exposed a horrifying situation in which his commanding officers are consuming alcohol and brutally assaulting their subordinates for similar behavior.

The soldier’s distressing account came to light through an intercepted phone call released by Ukraine’s Military Intelligence (HUR). In the conversation, he paints a grim picture of the dire circumstances faced by his unit as they defend against relentless Ukrainian attacks. According to the soldier, out of 46 recent replacements in his unit, a staggering 20 have already lost their lives in the ongoing conflict.

Describing the perilous situation, the soldier states, “We’re left with a small group of us – I’ve got four people here. Four people for 780 meters of forest on the line of battle. There’s contact five times, six times, seven times a day. They jump out of there and start hitting us as soon as possible, then we retaliate. Right now, there is a lull so they must have sat down to drink tea or coffee. They’re going to drink and then they’re going to start again.”

The soldier’s mental anguish becomes evident as he shares that when he attempted to voice his concerns, his commanding officer presented him with two grim options – either a stint in a dry-out clinic for alcoholics or admission to a psychiatric hospital.

What particularly disturbs the soldier is the fact that, despite their own drinking habits, the commanding officers resort to severe physical violence when they detect alcohol on the breath of a soldier. He laments to his friend, “They themselves drink. And if they find a soldier who smells of alcohol, they beat him with a stick, you know?” He goes on to recount an incident where a commander’s beating left a fellow soldier with broken ribs and a concussion.

The soldier concludes his harrowing account with a poignant statement, “They get all the honors and medals, and we just get beat up all the time.”

While the authenticity of the soldier’s claims cannot be independently verified, recent social media posts have purportedly shown drone footage of Russian troops engaged in violent altercations with each other, involving the use of large sticks.

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These intercepted conversations, although unverified, pose a significant challenge for Russia as Ukraine’s counteroffensive gains momentum. The release of such intercepted dialogues by Ukraine’s intelligence services serves as a testament to the escalating tensions in the region.

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