Russian Soldier Admits Staged Combat Videos

Russian Soldier Admits to Staging False Frontline Videos to Impress Commanders

Revelations from a Russian soldier shed light on deceptive tactics used in war propaganda.
Revelations from a Russian soldier shed light on deceptive tactics used in war propaganda. Photo: Ukrinform

Kyiv, October 4, 2023 – In a startling revelation, a Russian soldier has disclosed the deceptive practices employed by his unit to fabricate videos from the front lines. These videos are designed to mislead superiors and the state media into believing that Moscow’s forces are performing far better in combat than they actually are.

The soldier’s confession came to light through an intercepted phone call published by Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Directorate (HUR). In the call, he warns his wife not to trust the videos broadcast on Russian state media channels, revealing that many of them are staged. What makes his revelation particularly damning is the fact that he himself has participated in this deceitful practice.

The soldier’s wife mentions seeing a video depicting Russian troops supposedly retaking the village of Robotyne, which had been liberated by Ukrainian forces just the previous month. In response, the soldier bluntly states, “I don’t believe that sh*t.”

“Why is it sh*t?” his wife questions, adding, “They filmed it and showed it.”

The soldier then drops the bombshell, confessing, “I’ve also recorded bulls**t on the camera on my phone, showing that ‘we’re fighting f**king great, we hold the f**king defense so bravely,’ but it’s a play.”

He goes on to describe a specific incident where his commander instructed him to recreate scenes from the Russian war film “9th Company. Part Two.” He admits to dressing up fellow soldiers, positioning them strategically, and traversing the trenches while exclaiming how “f**king incredibly” they were fighting. All these fabricated videos were then sent to superiors.

However, amid this disturbing revelation, the soldier also paints a dire picture of the actual conditions on the front lines. He reveals that his company faces daily losses in terms of both men and weapons, despite the absence of recent Ukrainian infantry assaults on their positions. He grimly reports that there is a corpse lying just 100 meters away from their positions, yet they are unable to retrieve it due to constant artillery shelling.

This culture of deception within the Russian military has been widely documented, with even Russian officials acknowledging the practice. Last month, a Russian politician provided a candid account of the challenges facing troops on the front lines, citing lies as a significant obstacle to success.

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While the authenticity of this intercepted call has not been independently verified, analysis by Ukraine’s intelligence services suggests that Russia’s military is struggling in the face of Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive.

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