On Suspicion of Stealing, A Little Child in Firozabad, UP, Was Tied to a Pole and Beaten

A witness captured the event on camera, and the footage quickly became popular on social media. The cops then arrived on the scene quickly and saved the youngster.

The Ramgarh Police have already detained three individuals. (Screengrab)
The Ramgarh Police have already detained three individuals. Photo: Screengrab

Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, October 2, 2023: In Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, an 11-year-old child was undressed, chained to an electric pole and beaten with sticks on the basis of a tea shop theft suspect. On Monday, the event happened at six in the morning.

After a bystander’s video of the event went viral on social media, police arrived on the scene and saved the youngster.

From the camera evidence, the police were able to identify the attackers and have now launched a complaint against them.

Three suspects have already been detained, according to the police, and more investigation is being conducted.

Sarvesh Kumar Mishra, assistant police commissioner, said: “We informed the boy’s family, registered a case, and subsequently detained three involved parties.”

Mishra continued, “Citizens should not resort to such actions and that the beating of the minor was unacceptable by any standards.”

Mishra stated, “Strict actions would be taken against individuals guilty if such events occur in the future.

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While everything was going on, the boy’s mother declared, “My son did not commit any theft, and there is no evidence of any theft.”

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