On Russian Police Day, Mariupol Partisans Surprised a Pro-Russian Policeman With an Explosive “Congratulations”

Mariupol Partisans Execute Precision Strike Against Occupation Collaborator.
Mariupol Partisans Execute Precision Strike Against Occupation Collaborator. Photo: Telegram Snapshot

Mariupol, November 10: In a bizarre turn of events on Russian Police Day, Mariupol partisans unveiled a shocking display of resistance by extending congratulations to a collaborating policeman before triggering an explosive device beneath his car. The seemingly celebratory gesture took a dark turn, underlining the clandestine nature of the city’s underground movement.

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This morning, as Mariupol’s streets resonated with the purported cheers of Russian Police Day, partisans executed a covert operation that left the collaborating policeman with more than just well wishes. The explosion, emanating from under the hood of the officer’s vehicle, marked a symbolic rejection of collaboration and an uncompromising stance against the Russian occupation forces.

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The Mariupol partisans, known for their resourcefulness, crafted an improvised explosive device, strategically placing it near the driver’s seat. The choice of location emphasized a targeted approach, sending a clear message to those actively involved in the controversial “filtration” process, often associated with torture and intimidation against pro-Ukrainian sympathizers.

Details surrounding the operation were intentionally withheld, as partisans understand the strategic importance of maintaining secrecy for future endeavors. The collaborating policeman’s fate remains uncertain, as the partisans, forced to vacate the scene swiftly, left without confirming the outcome of their explosive message.

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This incident joins a series of covert actions aimed at destabilizing Russian occupation authorities in Ukraine. Mariupol’s partisans, emblematic of the growing resistance movement, challenge collaborators not only physically but also through psychologically charged displays such as today’s “congratulations” followed by an explosive act of defiance.

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As the city becomes a battleground of subterfuge, Mariupol’s streets tell a tale of irony and resistance, where congratulations are merely a prelude to a resounding rejection of collaboration. The occupiers, now facing a city that celebrates their defeat, are left grappling with the unpredictability of a populace driven to reclaim their freedom.

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