Morrison’s Call to Stand Strong in Today’s “Hostile” World

Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivers a powerful sermon, revealing his journey of faith and leadership to a Perth congregation.

Perth, Australia – September 18, 2023: In a surprising turn of events, former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison took to the pulpit at the Encounter City Church in Perth on Sunday to deliver a sermon that blended reflections on faith, leadership, and the challenges of the modern world. This unexpected appearance occurred during a service commemorating the 50th anniversary of the church, and Morrison’s words carried weight as he shared insights from his time as the nation’s leader.

Morrison’s sermon focused on the theme of “faithfulness” and its significance in a world he described as “increasingly hostile.” He emphasized that the “Christian journey is not a linear one,” drawing parallels between the uncertainties of life and the challenges faced by individuals and nations. His message was a call to trust in God’s guidance over the unpredictability of governments and international organizations.

During his address, Morrison candidly stated, “I stepped down as prime minister.” This admission referred to his resignation shortly after the 2022 election, allowing Anthony Albanese to take office early for an international summit. Morrison explained that God’s plans are not bound by past experiences and cautioned against hoping for a repeat of history, emphasizing the need to adapt to changing circumstances.

In a lighter moment, Morrison endorsed Wanneroo mayor Linda Aitken, injecting humor into the proceedings by quipping about the complexities of securing development approvals for new church buildings.

Despite earlier speculations about his retirement, Morrison seems committed to public life, with plans to speak internationally about his experiences, including his handling of natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic. He is also set to release a book in 2024, titled “Plans for Your Good – A Prime Minister’s Testimony of God’s Faithfulness,” which will explore the intersection of faith and his tenure as prime minister.

This unexpected sermon by Scott Morrison serves as a reminder of the complex journey of faith and leadership, and it underscores the importance of staying steadfast in a world that can be both challenging and unpredictable.

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