Kamikaze Drones Target Critical Infrastructure, Plunge Russia’s Kursk Region into Darkness

Explosive Kamikaze Drone Attacks Plunge Russia’s Kursk Region into Darkness and Uncertainty

Explosions and Power Outage in Russia's Kursk Region
Explosions and Power Outage in Russia’s Kursk Region. Photo: Ukrinform

Kursk Region, Russia – October 5, 2023 – Explosions shattered the tranquility of Russia’s Kursk region on Thursday morning, leaving a trail of destruction and a widespread power outage in their wake. The source of this chaos? Kamikaze drones on a mission to target critical infrastructure facilities.

Ukrainian drones have been implicated in these audacious “attacks on infrastructure facilities” across Russia’s Kursk region, according to Russian authorities, resulting in extensive power disruptions.

Kursk Governor Roman Starovoyt confirmed that the districts of Sudzha, Korenevo, and Glushkovo bore the brunt of these overnight attacks. Emergency response teams are working tirelessly to restore electricity supply to these areas.

Reports from Russian Telegram channels suggest that the explosions, particularly at an electrical substation in the Kursk region, have left 67 settlements without power, plunging thousands into darkness and uncertainty. The SBU and the HUR has remained tight-lipped regarding the drone attack.

It’s worth noting that the SBU executed a “blackout” operation in the Kursk region just a few nights earlier, on September 29. They claimed that this operation was linked to vital Russian military facilities, specifically targeting an electrical substation.

On September 26, a Ukrainian drone struck an electrical substation in the Russian village of Snagost in the Kursk region. This drone deployed an explosive device, causing power disruptions that affected seven settlements in the region.

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A source within the SBU, emphasized that these operations represent an elevated level of their special operations capabilities.

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