Elephants Halt Traffic, Extorting Sugarcane Sweets as Payment!

elephant sugarcane

Thailand, November 10, 2023: In the midst of Earth’s rich biodiversity, where numerous national parks offer refuge to wildlife, a peculiar yet charming incident unfolded. A truck, navigating through forested areas, found its journey interrupted by an unexpected “toll tax collector” – a wild elephant with a penchant for sugarcane.

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Captured on video and shared by Dr. Ajayita, the footage reveals the elephant’s unconventional approach to toll collection. With a nonchalant demeanor, the elephant halted the truck, skillfully snatched sugarcane from it, and proceeded to enjoy a roadside feast. The video’s popularity soared, amassing over 230,000 views, 1,000 reposts, and over 6,500 likes.

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Social media users chimed in with diverse reactions. Some marveled at the elephant’s lack of greed, allowing the trucks to proceed after a single mouthful. Others commended the apparent familiarity of locals with such unique interactions.

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A humorous take suggested that the elephant was on a mission from the “quality control cell” of a sugar mill to assess sugar content in the canes.

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While the exact location remains unknown, a signboard in the video hinting at “Caution Elephant Crossing” suggests that the amusing incident occurred in Thailand, adding a touch of intrigue to the viral footage.

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