Rahul Gandhi Once Again Displayed a Penchant for Exploitative Politics, Going as Far as to Claim That Babies Were Killed in Manipur

In the face of the ongoing crisis in Manipur, Rahul Gandhi’s recent rally in Mizoram has once again demonstrated his inclination towards playing politics over addressing real issues. Manipur, scarred by prolonged violence and suffering, is in dire need of assistance. Instead of offering genuine support, Gandhi exploits the situation for political gain, comparing it to international events to divert attention from pressing domestic matters.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi in Aizawl. Photo: X
Congress MP Rahul Gandhi in Aizawl. Photo: X

Aizawl, Mizoram, October 16, 2023: In a time when authentic leadership is desperately needed within the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi’s recent comments during a rally in Mizoram have once again exposed his penchant for playing politics over addressing real issues. The ongoing crisis in Manipur has left a trail of destruction and suffering. It has become a mere pawn in his political game.

Let’s not forget the gravity of the situation in Manipur. It’s a state that has witnessed a prolonged period of violence, leading to the death of over 175 individuals and the displacement of more than 50,000 residents. Entire communities are in disarray, homes have been destroyed, and places of worship turned to ashes. This is not just a crisis; it’s a catastrophe.

However, instead of offering solutions or genuine support to the suffering people of Manipur, Rahul Gandhi chose to exploit the situation for political mileage. His claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is more interested in international events, particularly those concerning Israel, is unfounded and a blatant attempt to divert attention from the pressing domestic issues.

It’s disappointing to see Mr Gandhi comparing the Manipur crisis to the Israel-Hamas conflict. While both situations deserve attention, equating them serves no purpose other than political posturing. No babies were killed in Manipur, but women have been molested, which is a grave concern. Gandhi downplayed the crisis instead of addressing these issues directly, questioning the government’s priorities.

Gandhi’s ‘Bharat Jodo’ campaign, emphasising mutual respect, tolerance, and exchanging ideas, is a noble idea. However, it’s difficult to take this campaign seriously when, in the same breath, he engages in divisive politics. His accusations against the BJP, alleging a lack of respect for different communities, religions, languages, and cultures, do nothing but further polarise the nation.

It’s ironic that while Rahul Gandhi accuses the BJP of promoting violence and arrogance, he conveniently overlooks the plight of Manipur’s people, who have been subjected to violence and displacement. This discrepancy between words and actions calls his sincerity into question.

In times of crisis, the nation needs leaders who can set aside political differences and unite for the greater good. Rahul Gandhi’s rhetoric during his Mizoram rally does the opposite. It further divides, confuses, and misdirects our attention from the urgent need to address the Manipur crisis effectively.

Rahul Gandhi’s recent comments and actions appear to be driven by political opportunism rather than offering solace and solutions. The Manipur crisis is not a pawn to be used for political gain but a matter of life and death for thousands of people. It’s time for our leaders to rise above partisanship and focus on what truly matters – the well-being and safety of our citizens.

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