75-Year Sentence for Woman Who Locked Victim in Dog Crate and Poured Boiling Water

Alicia Calderon, a resident of Wylie, Texas, has been sentenced to 75 years in prison for subjecting her victim to unspeakable torture, including locking her in a dog crate and pouring boiling water, in a shocking case that has left the community stunned.

Alicia Calderon, the woman convicted of shocking abuse, has been sentenced to 75 years in prison.
Alicia Calderon, the woman convicted of shocking abuse, has been sentenced to 75 years in prison. Photo: Collin County, Sheriff’s Office

Wylie, Texas – October 5, 2023 – Alicia Calderon, a Texas woman, has been handed a 75-year prison sentence for her horrifying acts of torture and abuse, which have left the community in disbelief. Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis described Calderon’s actions as “unthinkable torture” as she was found guilty of subjecting her victim to nightmarish cruelty.

The distressing incident came to light in February 2022 when the victim, a 24-year-old woman, managed to reach out to her stepfather for help. He immediately called 911 and rushed to the scene. What officers from the Collin County’s Sheriff’s Office discovered was nothing short of a nightmare.

The victim was found with second- and third-degree burns, her head forcibly shaved, and she was confined behind a door barricaded with stones. Shockingly, officers also discovered an elderly woman with disabilities in a deteriorating condition, initially assuming her to be deceased. The victim had been entrusted with the care of this elderly woman, as well as Calderon’s children, and tasked with house cleaning in exchange for rent-free accommodation back in 2019.

However, what began as a seemingly innocuous arrangement turned into a living hell for the victim. Investigators uncovered that in 2021, Calderon had twice poured boiling water on her, inflicting severe burn injuries to her legs, allegedly over accusations of food theft. On a separate occasion, Calderon poured boiling water on the victim, causing injuries to her chest, arms, and back, and subsequently denied her access to medical treatment.

In a statement provided to PEOPLE, the Collin County Sheriff’s Office revealed that Calderon had been embezzling money from the elderly woman, depleting her bank account. During the trial, prosecutors claimed that Calderon had stolen $78,000 from the elderly woman’s inheritance.

In August 2022, Calderon faced charges including exploitation of the elderly, injury to the elderly with the intent to cause harm, and aggravated assault with a weapon resulting in serious bodily injury to a household member. While the first two charges are still under investigation, Calderon was found guilty of aggravated assault after a trial in which the victim bravely recounted her trauma and the lifelong nerve damage she sustained.

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It remains uncertain whether Calderon has entered pleas for the pending charges as PEOPLE was unable to reach her attorney.

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